Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo Gallery

In the following posts you will see a collection of photographs I have taken over the years, around the world and in remote corners of the United States. Many of the pictures I took when I was in the U.S. Army in Europe, 1969-72, and a few are taken since then when our children were in High School and college and we started doing a lot of travel again. This is only a tiny part of my massive collection, and I selected these because I think they show definitive and interesting aspects of the art of photography. A few even show the genius of Photoshop and Picasa!

My military experience, despite having to endure 13 hellish weeks of basic combat training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, at the very height of the Vietnam War, provided a major impact on my photography, primarily because I got sent to the famous Signal Corps Photography School at Ft. Monmouth New Jersey, and from there ended up in Europe as a “Cold Warrior” for the rest of my three-year enlistment.

The Signal Corps school taught me a lot of good technique, and my own love of history and interest in art (developed prior to the Army at Duke University where much to my own chagrin I earned a D in Art History but retained nonetheless everything I learned in that class along with an appreciation of the value of going to museums, historical landmarks and great works of architecture) taught me about form and design. Of course it didn’t hurt that while at Duke I met and attended small seminars with Ansel Adams and Ernst Hass and have since met Eddie Adams in another workshop setting.

The collection below, as it now stands, is selected and annotated for viewing and discussion by my J210 Visual Communications class, but I would like to think that it can stand on its own merits.


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