Friday, October 14, 2011

Returning to the Scene

Much like a burglar, I love to return to this scene, where I have taken many pictures over the years. I’m always looking for new light, and today I found a new view. The first view is the traditional telephonto shot showing the house and the fall color behind. I like it. The color, composition and “texture” are all pleasing. Frankly, though, this is a hard scene to mess up.

The second view, however, is my favorite, at least for now. I crouched low in the weeds this afternoon and used the house as background and texture – notice how out of focus it is. You can still see it, and it is still effective as a central subject, but the soft focus with the sharp weeds in front provide a unique look. In other words, a fresh look at an old scene can be very worthwhile.


At 9:52 PM, Blogger lehmmr02 said...

I have to say I definitely like the second one myself as well. I love how the focus is more on the weeds and the house is out of focus wayoff in the distance.


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