Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Rainy Day Photography

In that it rains a lot in the mountains where we live, I figure I might as well enjoy rainy day photography. Pictured here is our visit this week to the Biltmore Gardens (twice this month!). Note that the rainy day means no harsh shadows and natural saturation to the color. I shot these with as low an ISO as I felt I could hand hold (100 and 200) and carefully framed each shot (while my wife held the umbrella!).

Note too that three of these are taken with my telephoto zoom, to get as much of the background out of focus as possible, thus creating a feeling of three-dimensions. Also notice the deliberate framing and that they are taken for the most part below eye-level (take more glucosamine and bend your knees!).

Each image is shot in camera raw and then opened in Adobe Bridge, where I increased the blacks and the saturation. I also increased the “temperature” to “warm” them up a bit on an otherwise fairly chilly and gloomy day.


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